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    Development of the Koksay deposit and construction of a concentrating plant

    Location: Jetisu region, Kazakhstan

    About the project: according to the preliminary estimates, the forecast operational resources of the Koksay deposit amount to 823.7 mil tonnes of ore, including copper – 3.5 mil tonnes at the average content of 0.42%, 63.7 tonnes of gold and 865 tonnes of silver. Taking into account the low copper content for the development of deposit it is planned to build a concentrating plant with a processing capacity of 50 mil tonnes of ore per year.

    Operator/initiator: Konsolidirovannaya Stroitelnaya Gornorudnaya Kompaniya

    Dates: the start of production is scheduled for 2026

    Investments: $2.17 bn

    Construction of a concentrating plant on Kacharskiy quarry

    Location: Kostanay region, Kazakhstan

    Stage: preparation of documentation

    Operator/initiator: Sokolovsko-Sarbayskoye Mining and Concentration Association (ERG)

    Dates: 2022 – 2030

    Investments: $779 mil